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The Bush Club

Love to get out in the great outdoors?

Come and smell the eucalypts with us!


We organise fun activities in the outdoors. From easy strolls to the adrenaline tough walks; from lakes to mountains; and from the city to the magical bush.


Walking, cycling, canoeing are great exercises. Getting outdoors and enjoying the wonderful bush around us is a great boost for the body and soul. There are so many great walking trails in and around Sydney across Australia and lots more variety overseas too. 


What better way to meet new people and make great friends. We are a diverse and friendly bunch. We share experiences, learn new things and help each other along the way.


The Bush Club came into existence on 19th September 1939. Marie Byles and Paddy Pallin believed that the essential qualifications for members should be a genuine love of the bush, a desire to protect it and a willingness to extend the hand of friendship to other bushwalkers. These thoughts remain the main aim of the Bush Club.