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Leader: Kevin Yeats
Photographs by: Astrid van Blerk
Date of Walk: 07/03/2021
Date submitted: 08/03/2021 at 4:54 pm
Submitted by: Astrid Van Blerk


Various patches of bush and parklands around East Killara looked considerably cleaner and happier after they were hit by a Bush Club Group on a Mission, led by Kevin Yeats who clearly had a plan! First we tidied up an area below a rock platform and lookout in the Old She-Oak Reserve where not only some locals hold recreational gatherings that end up with waste being thrown straight over the edge but also seems to exist a bit of confusion about the difference between between a rubbish tip and the bush. After gathering several bagfuls of rubbish and some larger, obviously displaced objects such as an old computer, deck chairs, the movable parts of an old sofa and – how cool 🤠 – a deputy sheriff hat we moved on to walk a largish round in the area, carrying collection bags with us and keeping a keen eye out for offending items. Nothing man-made and unnatural was safe, and even that heavy old tyre got carried out of a side gully of Gordon Creek and left in a place for everyone to see, and (hopefully) take further action. The last part of the walk was rather beautiful, leading us all the way down to a track along Middle Harbour which we not only enjoyed but also left cleaner than we found it! All in all a very satisfying and useful excursion – thanks, Kev, for organising and leadership 🙏

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