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Covid-19 restrictions

Special note for leaders while Covid-19 restrictions are in force:

1. All participants must be asked to “contact leader” for all activities prior to commencement. All activities are strictly limited to the number of people allowed by the government guidelines for outdoor gatherings. This number includes the leader, members, prospective and guests.

2. Rather than sign the Walk Report Form (as is the usual practice), the leader will collect the contact details beforehand and hold a roll-call before the activity commences. Members’ responses will indicate that they have read, understood, and accepted the requirements on the Walk Report Form namely that:

In participating in this activity as a member of The Bush Club, they are aware that this may expose them to risks that could lead to injury, illness, death, or to loss of or damage to their property, and that the leader may not have walked this track before and even with thorough preparation, there may be risks associated with it which have not been anticipated. To minimise these risks, the participants endeavor to ensure that this activity is within their capabilities; and that they are carrying food, water, and equipment appropriate for the activity. They have advised the activity leader if they are taking any medication or have any physical or other limitation that might affect their participation in the activity. they agree that if they choose to leave this activity early, they will notify the leader and they are personally responsible for their welfare and safety.

3. All members will maintain a safe distance of 1.5 m at ALL times.