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David Dash ( 31 March 1943 – 7 August 2021 )


Growing up with David Dash as a father meant very little time at home. We were lucky enough to travel the world, and our own backyard. I remember packing the car on a Friday after school to go camping and unpacking it again on a Sunday afternoon after an adventure, somewhere. Dad had the packing down to an art form of tetris and we all had our own jobs to do. I don’t think there are many National Parks in NSW we did not visit, beaches we have not swum at or mountains that were not climbed. His love of bushwalking began at an early age and never faltered. Through his University days he explored uncharted areas and broke records. Work took him to different countries and family changed how he walked, but he never stopped. He shared this passion with Mum, my brother and I, and his grandkids. It’s a legacy that will never be forgotten – Yvonne Allen (Dash)

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