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Submitted By: Leader Tester On: 22/07/2024 11:27 AM
Date Updated: 22/07/2024 at 11:30 am

Leader: Leader Tester

Start Date: 20/07/2024

Grade: CYCLE Medium/Hard Grade.


Member Qualifying Walk: No

Full Member: 7 Prospective Member: 1 Guest: 2 10:

Walk Report:

Walked from Lawson Station to Echo Bluff via San Jose Ave, and rather taking the direct route walked along North Lawson Trail and walked across on a faint track that doesn’t appear on apps. From Echo Bluff walked down to Fairy Falls, then St Michaels and Dantes Glen to Empire Pass track to Frederica Falls. Then along North Lawson Trail, street walking and unnamed track to Glow Worms Nook Falls Top, Glow Worms Falls Middle, Horseshoe Falls and Fairy Falls. Then on to Oakland Falls, Burgess Falls to Hazelbrook Station via Burgess Falls Track and Winborne Avenue. There were some muddy sections, but the tracks were generally in reasonable condition and easy to walk on. It was a nice 14 km walk in perfect weather.