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Jim Romanowski ( 6 March 1954 – 9 February 2021 )


Jim’s love of Bushwalking developed later in his life, and he often remarked “who would have thought I’d been doing this now”. When Jim retired, he started beach walking when a friend suggested he join the local bushwalking group. He loved it so much he joined numerous other clubs, seeking new adventures.

It was comforting to see Jim on a bushwalk you were on, especially when the walk included challenging sections, as he always assisted walkers to ensure they passed safely across exposed areas and up or down tape. He was calm and supportive, giving everyone time to navigate the section within their limits, and in doing so, he helped to increase the confidence and enjoyment of many.

Jim completed some iconic walks throughout his bushwalking life, including Machu Picchu, Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro and the Kokoda Trail – “The Big 4” as he called them. Jim was also an avid golfer, regular gym goer and holidayed with his son David on Heli-skiing adventures.

When Jim was in the bush, his eyes twinkled and he had the biggest grin from ear to ear, and later he shared stories of his bushwalking adventures with the same enthusiasm as when he was there. The Bush Club was the club Jim chose specifically to lead walks for. He created new variations and combinations of walks in the South Coast area where he was from, and he was excited to share these with club members.

Sadly and unexpectedly, Jim left this life too early, leaving us to wonder what else he would come up with, and to remember his quiet ways of connecting, his adventurous spirit, and his friendship.

RIP Gentleman Jim – Carol & David

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