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Comments for Memorial of: John Ernest Wilson
Name of Member: Robert Wood
Date of submission: 14/09/2022
Consent: I agree
Status: Approved

Comments submitted:

How we still miss his genial companionship. John was a wonderful companion and friend. He loved to walk and he loved to talk, and combined both with determined purpose, intelligence and vigor. Perhaps because our friendship developed in our more mature years his conversation never seemed trivial. He was reserved but with amiable good humour, his conversation and his jokes were always thoughtful intelligent and insightful.

We talked and joked often in the moment on various day walks; shared a tent on a Himalayan trek, and many memorable experiences on the track and round a table in Italy. He was a treasured friend – a blessing, and I knew him well, but particularly since he’s gone ahead, I often wish I’d known him better. One of a kind – We miss him.

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