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Come and Join Us


To be part of The Bush Club, sign up as a prospective member. Our leaders will help you select activities which will suit you and your fitness. After completing three membership qualifying walks, you can apply to be a full member. Otherwise, you can stay as a prospective member and continue to enjoy walking with the club. Please note that prospective members must always seek a leader’s permission before joining an activity.

Membership fees are:

  • $25 pa for a new prospective member
  • $25 pa for renewal of prospective member
  • $25 pa for renewal of full member

Join us and have fun, develop your fitness and make friends!


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Note: If you are a lapsed Full Member, sign up as a Prospective Member but note in the “Comments” field that you were a Full Member. When your prior membership status is confirmed, the Committee will reinstate your status as a Full Member.


Application for Prospective Membership
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