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Life Members

Guidelines for
Honorary Bush Club Life Membership

Eligibility for Life Membership Nomination

Honorary Life Membership may be conferred on a member for exemplary service. To qualify the member will have given dedicated service in one or more of the following areas; leadership of walks, as a member of the Committee or whose service in some other way has been of substantial benefit to the Club.

The Committee considers that a member who is proposed as a Life Member will have given a commitment and contribution to the Club over a period of at least 10 years. The Committee has the discretion to award Life Membership if a member has made an outstanding contribution over a shorter period. Aspects that the Committee may take into account when considering a nomination might be:

  • active participation to a much greater extent than the average member,
  • long term commitment and contribution,
  • a unifying and positive force,
  • the respect of other members,
  • the quality and innovation of contributions

Who Can Nominate a Member Life Membership?

  • A Bush Club member.
  • The Bush Club Committee as a result of an annual review of all club members.

Cut Off Date for Life Membership Nominations:

  • 1st August of each year

Three Percent Rule

Life membership will be conferred on a maximum of three percent of club members. This is to prevent the weakening of criteria for life membership and also to avoid budgetary implications as a result of an increased number of non fee paying members as a percentage of the total membership.

The Process for the Awarding of Life Membership

The committee on an annual basis will review the current listing of all members to ensure that no member who may qualify for Honorary Life Membership is inadvertently overlooked.

Submissions by individual members can be made at any time during the year. The submission will be in writing and will include documented evidence of the nominee’s contribution. All nominations for life membership by individual members or the committee will be circulated to all committee members and discussed at a committee meeting prior to a decision being made.


All nominations are to be kept confidential by the committee and successful nominees notified by the president.

Presentation of Life Memberships

Honorary Life Membership awards will be presented to recipients at a Special General Meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting. The award will be a framed certificate signed by the President.

Life Membership recipients and their partners will be invited to the AGM and Post AGM social event by the Bush Club President as guests of the Bush Club.


The Current Life Members are:

Kevin YeatsKaye Birch
Eric CadzowGraham Conden
Arthur CunninghamIan Edwards
Carol HendersonTony Hickson
Jacqui HicksonMichael Keats
Jim LawlerBill Macks
Ron MeadAlan Mewett
Pam OrganMichael Pratt
Bob TaffelMarion Woof