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Leader: Bernie Hunt
Photographs by: Bernie Hunt
Date of Walk: 13/03/2020
Date submitted: 22/05/2020 at 10:39 am
Submitted by: Bernard Hunt


A full pack walk of 12km and elevation of 600mt on the first day to our base camp for 4 nights past Dixons Kingdom. The 2nd and 4th days were in two groups one to Mt Jerusalem and the other to Solomon’s Throne with the pools of Bethesda and the Temple after lunch and alternated the other day. On the 3rd day we all set out to Tiger Lake and Solitary Man’s Hut. The 5th day we moved camp past Ball Lake setting up at the Northern tip of Lake Adelaide. Rain on the final day’s walk out to the carpark. A great mix of people and everyone completing especially having 2 members that have never camped. The group were guided by Tasmanian Hikes members Stan Ellerm, Wes Moule, Stefan and Keely Cooper

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