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Walks and Talks Index (Archive)

Walks and Talks Index

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Tasmanian Tour
Bush Club Fashions
Practical Hints
History of the Bush Club I
Hail Caledonia 1
History of the Bush Club II
Four Little Pictures (poem)
While the Billy Boils
How to Waterproof your tent / What would we do without Water
Camping (poem)
Mount Dromedary
Making the Most of It (rucksack weight)
A Fairy Tale
Like Alice in Wonderland
Report to 17th AGM AND Office Bearers 1956/57
Is Bushwalking Desirable?
A Record of a Walk
The Lakes of England
In the Swim
Kanangra Memory
Care of Gear
An Introduction to Federation (bushwalking clubs)
Bushwalking: New Clues from a Tenderfoot
An Unforgettable Night
A Sky Line Tour
Bootlaces to Boot
“While the Billy Boils”
Organized Bushwaling at Binna Burra
Minutes of Meeting December 17th, 1956 (must have been a fun meeting!)
Some experiences Outback in Southern Australia
Christmas Chronicle
Fires and How to Use Them
Suppertime is Damper Time
Walk Report, Lake St Clair Weekend
A day In Durban
People are Like Cattle?
Week End – by a Walker
Nature Sketch Book
Nature Preservation
The Dining Room Mantlepiece
Bushwalking on a Rainy Sunday
Bushwalking in India
Annual General Meeting
The Platypus
The Tradition of Resolute
A Holiday at Lord Howe
A Day in London
Time to Stand and Stare
The Extremely Ultra Light Camper
Vain Search Part I – Wanderings in Wild Parts of Tasmania
What is a “Good Leader”
Glimpses of Queensland
Vain Search Part 2
The Two Lies
Kariong – a National Park
Carlons Farm Weekend
Dancing through the years with the Bush Club
Further Ingenious Suggestions
Us Bushwalkers
Federation Reunion Campfire at North Era, 1958
Colo Vale Walk
Dear Club
Wild Life of Australia
Annual Meeting
Musical Dreamland
Bushfire at Sea
Colong Caves Walk
From Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair
The Sea-Buoy
Nelly’s Glen and The Old Hotel Site
A Wet Sunday or The Walk Leader’s Lament
Sydney Side Scenery
News from Janet
Search & Rescue Demonstration Weekend
How to Become a Good Leader
While we Boil the Billies
Camp at Burning Palms
A Day Alone in the Bush
Bush Club News
My First Bush Walk
Trip to Queensland
Burning Mountain
Wilsons Promontory
The Lost World
The 1956 Trip to Pigeon House
To the Nattai – with Gordon
A Trip to the Barrier Reef
Bush Club Tracks Committee
Easter 1959 – Memorable Week Ends with The Bush Club
Easter 1959 – Castle Mountain
Easter 1959 – The Rope
Have we Forgotten our Little “B’S”?
A Bush-Walker in Sail
A Near Thing in the New Zealand Alps
Memorable Week Ends with The Bush Club
Let’s Go to a Federation Meeting
No Porridge for Me
15September –not available at the moment
– note if you’re printing this one is Foolscap size
My Introduction to the Bush Club Part 2
Training for Bush-Walking
My First Bush Walk – Carlon’s Farm
Kallibucca Blues
A Breakfast Tale
The Nymboida Valley
My Introduction to the Bush Club
The Old Man – The Veteran
Lo-Calorie Diet – By Dr. Yul Wunder
– Foolscap
Bush Walkers’ Holiday
Clarence – Part 1
Clarence – Part 2 – The Australian Kerosene Industry
Mount Warning Visited
The Bush Club goes to the Snowy Mountains
– Foolscap
Once More the Camp Breakfast
News from Janet
Fire Gazing
The Bush Club on Wheels – its first outing by cars
Bushland Flora
Anzac Week-End – 1960 – Mt Solitary
Walkabout in a Bus
21st birthday edition – Foolscap
Hon-Secretary’s Report – Year ended 13/8/1960
History of the Bush Club Early Days
Half a Century of Bushwalking Milestones – Marie Byles
Early times in the Bush Club
An Appreciation
National Park
To the Bush Club – from Ellen Schlesinger-Mautner
To the Bush Club – from Paddy Pallin
Chief Office Bearers of The Bush Club – history
– Foolscap
Get Up You Lazy Lot !!
A Page about the National Parks Association of NSW
A Suggestion
Extract from The Railway Guide of New South Wales
Dear Club – from Srinagar Kashmir
Extract from Barry’s log – trip to Darwin and Central Australia
Round the Camp Fire
To the Bushwalker who is Growing Old
196121March – Foolscap
Peggy and the Dinosaurus
A Bush-Walker Abroad
National Parks
Paddy’s Packs
On punning
22June – Foolscap
On Starting Off
Our Warrumbungle Easter
On the Record
Fog Frolic (or Go Anywhere with Gordon??)
23September Foolscap
Hon-Sec’s Report – Year ended 5.8.61
Lamington National Park – Queensland
Grand Canyon Track
“The Reserve”
A Trip to the Great Barrier Reef
24December – Foolscap
“The Reserve” – continued
The Mosquito
Bouddi Natural Park
A Bachelor’s Lament
196225March – Foolscap
More about Our Flora
Some Memories of an Alaskan Summer
The Bush Walkers
The Carnarvon National Park
For the Coast Walker
Photography is Simple – Modern Photography for Bushwalkers
Our Celtic Heritage
On Hats
26June – Foolscap
Ghosts of the Capertee
Weekend Afloat
The Old Coal and Shale Mines of Katoomba
The Owl
Memories of Turkey
Spring Conference in West Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly
27September Foolscap
AGM – Office Bearers
Search and Rescue Weekend
What’s Cooking
On the Irrawaddy River of Burma
A Wet Walk
The Joys of Bushwalking
Traps for the Unwary
Annual Report – Year ended 4th August 1962
Farewell Max
28December – Foolscap
Idle Thoughts at Woods Creek
Return of the Native
Family Day on Toolbrunup
Memorium to a Bushwalker
Notes on Map Reading
To Central Australia by Coatch Safari
Guest of Honour – Mr Grald Durrell
A Visit to the Blue Lake
196329April – Foolscap
Confessions of My First Bush Walk
Impressions of a Trip to the Centre
Once around The Cabbage Patch
Friendship of Books
Our Family
Glossary for New Australians
Eggsactly as it Happened
196432March – Foolscap
Things are not always what they seem, or an exploration into the culinary arts
Bird Song at Dawn
Journey across the Blue Mountains 1822 (cont) Part II
Guide to House Hunting
First Aid
Camp Fire
33June – Foolscap
How to Lead a Walk Three Places from the Front
Report from Melbourne
Letter from New York 25/3/64
Bush Club Memories
34September Foolscap
Office Bearers, 1964/65
Guest of Honour, Mr Myron D. Sutton
The Bush Club and The National Parks Association
Report on Natural Area
A Typical Sunday Walk
25th Birthday
196535January – Foolscap
Things to Remember if Caught in a Bushfire
Kanangra Walls to Katoomba – 3rd – 4th – 5th October 1964
On Readers
Useful Hints
How to find the time to go out with your Club and still be happily married
Mt. Ku-Ring-Gai, Woodnut’s Boatshed, Roach Trig
The Influence of the negro on European culture
Our Alterations
36March – Foolscap
“By the Grey Gulf Water”
If Not Bushwalking, What Else
Day Trip
My First Christmas Walk with The Bush Club
Across the Tops in Summer
37June – Foolscap
Our Cover – Butterflies
Federation Re-union 1965 Style
Report (Abridged) on a Crown Land Area
No Names Mentioned
An Answer to Wally
A Visit to my Great Great Grandmother’s Home
A Short Trip to Tasmania
38September Foolscap
From the President’s Address to the Annual General Meeting Saturday 21.8.65
From the Secretary’s Report
A Would-Be Bushwalkers Lament
Snow in Megalong
New Guinea “By Leg” – Walking to Kieta
“Wildlife in Australia”
Instructional Weekend
Search and Rescue Practice Weekend
39December – Foolscap
“Myangee” – A Christmas Story for Children
A Trip to the Opal Fields and Flinders Ranges
Notes from an Itinerant “Survey Researcher”
Do You Know Your North-West
196640March – Foolscap
Preserver of the Wilderness
Trends for 1966?
Christmas Walk in the Victorian Alps
Fraser Island
How to Ride a Bicycle in One Easy Lesson
The Wanderer Butterfly
Escape to Lord Howe Island